Adorn your tree with handmade ornaments this year, or gift one to holiday visitors and family! Each ormanent varies slightly in design.


Gift boxes with festive ribbon optional for additional $2 each. Listed as separate post.


Moose Ornament

  • I gladly accept returns:

    Contact me within: 14 days of delivery

    Ship items back within: 30 days of delivery

    If items are damaged due to shipping or packing problems, you may return your purchased item for a full refund or replacement. Buyer is responsible for return postage.

    If you receive an item with an interior color other than what was ordered, you may return the item for a full refund or replacement. In this case, buyer will be compensated for return postage.

    Due to the individual nature of pieces, items may not match pieces shown in photos. Variability in color, design, and slight deviations in dimensions are to be expected and part of the unique aesthetic of each piece.


  • Shipping of items will be handled through USPS Priority Mail. When items are ready to ship you will be e-mailed a tracking number. 

    Shipping rates are currently handled on a flat-rate basis ($12) due to the high holiday demand and busy post office. Shipping is limited to US States & Territories only at this time. 

    If expedited shipping is required, please contact Molly at

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