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Molly Harper. Ceramic Artist.

Growing up in rural New Hampshire has imbued in me a love of the environment and the beauty of all New Hampshire's wild spaces. 


I aim to capture the feel of white birch and bring a touch of New Hampshire’s forests into your home with handmade stoneware lamps, vases, and other functional ware. Pieces are thrown on the potter’s wheel and meticulously textured and hand-painted.


I continue to be inspired by the many things that make New Hampshire unique and look forward to exploring and expanding my body of work through my time in the studio.


Hartwick College, Oneonta - New York

Veritas University, San Jose - Costa Rica

Green Mountain College, Poultney - Vermont

         Environmental Studies, BA

Classes & Residencies:

Kiln Building Intensive with John Baymore, New Hampshire Institute of Art - 2014

Studio Assistant, Fired on Broad Pottery, Statesville NC - 2015

Fall Residency, Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts - 2017


League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Juried Member - 2019+

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My Studio.

In Fall 2020, I renovated and moved my studio up to Springfield, NH where I currently live. Unfortunately, at this time my studio is not open to the public and does not contain a retail space. But I have many images and video tours on my social media pages!

My ceramics studio consists of two buildings: a 12x14' renovated workshop and an 8x10' galvanized steel kiln shed. The buildings are connected by a wide walkway, and are located just down the hill from the rustic camp that I live in.

I fire predominately with electric kilns and have plans to construct a raku kiln this summer.

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